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Game Info

Release Date

August 26, 2014


Gameplay, Tools, Technology Programmer


C++/Full Sail In House GE





Backstab! was created with a team of four over three months using agile methodology, starting with a Unity prototype before moving onto C++; this game serves as our Intermediate Project at Full Sail University, spanning June to August 2014.

Backstab! is a Side-Scrolling Action-Platformer placed In Majestic Castles During the Magi Era of Japan. The player uses Ninja abilities to navigate through levels, diffuse threats, and attain goals of ever-increasing difficulty in order to avenge the death of his Sensei.


Backstab! is focused around Stealth and Teleportation, as well as assassination gameplay.

While Stealthed, player movement speed increases, and invisibility to most enemies is attained. Attacks from Stealth insta-kill most enemies, though there’s a chance Stealth breaks.

Teleportation along with Wall Jumping is used to navigate levels & avoid enemies. You can Ninja Teleport (short range) or Arrow Teleport (long range). In either case, time slows allowing for precision aiming.

The player is able to dodge enemy attacks, providing there are dodge bars remaining, to mitigate damage, as well as gain temporary invincibility.

In addition to Ninja tactics, the player can enter Rage Mode, where Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Damage increases. The player temporarilily gains infinite arrows (no Arrow Teleportation allowed), and infinite Ninja Teleportation.

Enemies are dealt with using the player’s Katana, as well as the Bow, but be careful — there’s a limited amount of arrows.

Backstab! features semi perma-death — after losing all lives, your save is deleted forever.

Gameplay Video

Meet The Team

From left to right: David Goad, Vito Messina, Nick Jefferies, Brandon Lucier